Explore FreeFall in Franklin Indiana is exactly what a drop zone should be! The staff members at EF2 are here to share their extreme passion, love and enthusiasm for the sport of skydiving. Our goal is to educate, teach and instill the love of this sport into future generations.

Are you unsure of which training method is right for you? Visit our training page. You will find a detailed description of the various ways you can experience freefall – through Tandem, Accelerated Free Fall or Static Line.

Have you started training at another drop zone? We offer cross over training for any student that may have begun their progression at another dropzone and wish to continue at Explore FreeFall.

What will you get here that you won't at a larger drop zone? Student jumpers will get personal attention without the "hurry up and jump" attitude. Experienced jumpers will get on load after load all day long with 3 airplanes flying from sun up to sun down. Everyone will experience a sense of family.